Vaclav Havel Airport Prague

EU Security Rules

EU Security Rules Vaclav Havel Airport There are new security rules, restrictions concerning carry-on liquid allowances, and restrictions for EU airports.
To safeguard air transport, it is essential that passengers checking in go through security procedures aimed at preventing any forbidden and potentially dangerous objects from being taken on board the plane. Therefore, before you start to pack your baggage, find out which items should not be carried in your hand luggage.
Dangerous objects include not only explosives, weapons and knives, but also materials which could be a potential hazard. There are therefore tight restrictions on the amount of liquids and gels you can take through passport control in your hand luggage.

EU Security Standards

EU Security Rules Vaclav Havel Airport Liquids that can be transported in cabin baggage, with limitation:
Water, drinks, syrups and soups
Creams, oils, solutions
Sprays, perfumes, mascara
Hair and shower gels
Pressurised sprays, shaving foams and deodorants
Pastes, toothpastes
Liquid and solid substances and mixtures
Other objects of similar consistence.

The above-listed mixtures of solid or liquid substances can be transported only:
In individual containers with capacity not greater than 100 millilitres contained in one transparent re-sealable plastic bag of a capacity not exceeding 1 litre
Upon presentation at security check (i.e. removed from cabin baggage).

Liquids that can be transported in cabin baggage without limitation:
Children’s and baby food for period of travel
Pharmaceuticals and dietary meals.